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Raymond Michael Harrington (rmharrington)

RMharrington Ezine Professional Author

Rmharrington Ezine Professional Author


Rmharrington is the designer, programmer, and creator of Rm Harrington Short Stories.

Rmharrington is a professional author with published materials that date back over thirty years. His articles, software reviews, and short stories have appeared in The Charlotte Spectrum, Start Magazine, and Atari Explorer.  The attached photos provide screen shots of some of Mr. Harrington’s earlier work. To the right of this text is an Ezine Articles link to some of rmharrington’s quality Internet publications.

As the head programmer and Systems Administrator for a 25-user Novell/NT network system at Southeastern Metal Products in Charlotte, NC, rmharrington has installed system hardware  from the cables up.  He has integrated all necessary software packages, trained users, documented operations, and provided technical support.

Mr. rmharrington has personally developed and coded computer software for corporate functions in estimating, sales, engineering, material handling, job scheduling, job tracking, and accounting.  Having worked hand-in-hand with professional estimators, engineers, and sales management teams, Rmharrington is functional in the methods and procedures of each and every one of these fields.  Rmharrington

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Fiction Editor for Spectrum

understands business needs. He knows how to match article content to the right business task and goal.

If you require quality author services from someone skilled but not arrogant, goal aggressive yet cautious, confident yet gentle, Rmharrington is ready to work for you.

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