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Why Hire Raymond Michael Harrington for your website promotional efforts?

Every successful new website or updated older website needs unique article content. Yet content alone is insufficient for superior search engine ratings. A successful web-presence also requires consistent linking through article submission sites and partnership sites.


Why Hire Raymond Michael Harrington?

  •  Increased Targeted Traffic: I know how to focus the process on your company
  • Relevant Information: I keep visitors coming back for more
  • Elevated Organic Rankings: Unique content attracts search engine spiders
  • Reasonable Pricing: I am here to make an honest profit
  • Increased Revenue and Sales: Quality content translates into more traffic, which evolves into an increase in sales.

 If you are afraid of writing about yourself,

If you struggle with spelling and grammar,

If you need professional help,

Hire Raymond Michael Harrington to WRITE FOR YOU

  • Website Copy and Content
  • Web Pages (Home, About, Services, Products, Specialties, All Others)
  • Blog Articles
  • Ezine Articles and Posting
  • FAQ’s
  • Biographies
  • Link Building
  • Company Information
  • Product Descriptions
  • Company History
  • Personal Material


Hire RmHarrington to DESIGN FOR YOU

  • Banners, Headers
  • Complete Word Press Blogs
  • Flyers, Brochures
  • Media Kits
  • Complete Websites programmed in HTML, PHP, and JAVA
  • Logos


Basic Rule-of-Thumb Guidelines

The average web page consists of 250 – 350 words. The average content article ranges around 500 words. Placement of information and article content determines the quality of your website. Ease of movement and a call to action determines the success of your website. Reliable information attracts and holds traffic on your site. Constant updating ensures repeat traffic.

For $35 to $60 per page, I will craft quality prose that is custom tailored to meet your specifications. I deliver via email. You merely need to cut and paste to merve the content with your existing website details. In the event that you desire website management, I can post the materials for you. The price for posting depends upon your website layout and configuration.

For questions and more information before purchase, please email:

NO LONGER TAKING BUSINESS… This site for name sake only…

*** All pricing and fees are negotiable depending upon the individual needs of each writing project! ***




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